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Get Your Revitalize Bundle

Know Your Self • Know Your Church • Know Your Community

Know Your Self

Get to know your self better with our helpful emotional intelligence assessment.

Know Your Church

Get to know your church better with the Church Health Report.

Know Your Community

Get to know your community better with a demographic and psychographic report of the area.

Get Your Coach

You get a coach to help walk you through the Revitalize Bundle and take your next steps.

What Is the Process

The revitalization process often differs from church to church and from context to context. While the outcome and plan may look different for each church, with the Revitalize Bundle, the process remains the same.

1. Purchase Your Bundle

Upon purchasing the Revitalize Bundle, you’ll have immediate access to the tools available in the bundle as well as the opportunity to set up your coaching meeting.

2. Get to know your self

Through, we will provide you and your team with an relational intelligence assessment to measure your EQ (emotional quotient). This private, personal assessment will help you understand your own strengths and weaknesses and where you can improve in how you relate to those in your church.

3. Get to know your church

Through, we will provide you and your team with a comprehensive church health assessment. This tool will help you understand your church as it is truly seen through the eyes of your leaders and members.

4. Get to know your community

By using demographic and psychographic data from your community, we will provide you an overview of your community, its people, and its needs. This data will be instrumental in knowing how your church is connecting with the true needs of those who live nearby and will help you formulate how to move forward to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

5. Work with your coach

Along the way and especially at the end, you will meet with a certified coach to help you understand the data and implement changes as a result of the three assessments. Your coach will be your guide to get started in revitalization and set you on a path to transforming your church for the glory of God and the growth of His Kingdom.

Don’t miss out on this proven resource from Thom S. Rainer

The Revitalize Bundle includes three specific resources to help you in church revitalization. Your skills are not an accident. Your gifting is not an accident. Your calling is not an accident. God has placed you at your church for this time and for His purpose. Join us today and take the first step on the path to seeing your church come back to life.

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